We are a knowledge driven organisation and we are very proud of our in-house R & D Department.

Posted on : 19-09-2017

Our R & D works on following verticals

Material Of Construction

We are continuously working with various materials including exotic materials like Titanium, Super alloys like SS 904L etc, Carbon fibre, Composites and Ceramics like, Tungsten Carbide, Amorphous Carbide, Aluminium Carbide, Aluminium Carbo-nitride, Aluminium Nitride, Boron Carbide, Boron Nitride in various demanding applications of Valves.

Valve Design

We have State Of The Art 3 D Modelling Facilities and tie ups with some of the leading Product Design firms. We continuously strive to design Valves that serve our customers without any problems for a longer period of time, provide with better plant efficiency, and have long life cycle.

Valve Selection

Based on the specific process parameters and in after using the exact usage of our clients we propose specific type of Valves to be used for specific applications.

We also work in close co-ordination with Engineering Consultancy companies in providing customised services to our clients.

We continuously engage with the users of Valves at various process plants to understand their needs as well as the problems that they face while using Valves. We work to customise and design our Valves to solve these specific problems at specific plant locations.


We organise “KNOWLEDGE SHARING SESSISSIONS” with Engineering Consultancy Compaines, EPC Contractors and Actual User of Valves at various chemical plants, where in we share the Next Practices in the field of Design, Manufacturing, Inspections, Installations, Operations and Preventive Maintenance of Valves. This again becomes a forum for us to get inputs from our customers to further improve our Valve Designs.