M/s. Venus Engineering Works is one of the oldest and one of the most Trusted Industrial Valves Manufacturer from India. We are in this business since 1911 and have been manufacturing Industrial Valves Since 1969.

We have 3 generations of experience of continuously innovating and coming out with new and better designed Products to give longer life and better services to our customers.

We really believe our Motto “SERVICES THAT COUNTS”. The concept is that of providing our customers with Valves that are able to serve there needs to the fullest for a long period of time rather than just sticking to the specifications purely.

We provide a very large product basket to our customers so as we can be a one stop solution for our clients.

As an organisation we are a very “Agile Knowledge Driven” company which has a reputation of taking up technically complex and demanding “first of the kind” projects and delivering the same to the requirements of the customers on time.


  • Angle Slurry Valves for Alumina Industry
  • Nickel Lined Valves For Highly Corrosive & Erosive Services
  • Monel Metal Valves For Highly Corrosive Services And Brine applications
  • Titanium Valves For Highly Corrosive Services
  • Chlorine Application Valves
  • Pressure Seal Valves
  • Valves For H2S Services For Petroleum Refineries
  • Valves With Fugitive Emission Tests
  • Cryogenic Service
  • Vacuum Service Valves

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